In the “Templates” section you have three tabs: Personal, Team, and Library. You can create your own templates on the Personal tab. If you want to share them with your teammates – choose your template with checkpoint and the hidden menu will appear. There press the “Share” button and your template will appear on the “Team” tab. All shared templates will have a share icon on it.

Note: shared templates are used for ideas and campaigns, so we do not recommend to edit them (if you are not the owner). A better way is to create a campaign, add the appropriate templates and edit them there. These changes will not reflect the basic template.

If you want to unshare the template – simply repeat your actions: go to the “Personal” tab, checkbox the right template and press the button “Share”. It will be unshared.

If you have many templates for different products, campaigns, services, events and other – we recommend you to create specific folders for certain templates.Then you can save up time for finding the right template.