You can set up as many sending schedules as you need. Go to the Settings > Schedule, there you will see the “Default” schedule already. You can clone it and edit, or create a new one. Simply click on the “+ New Schedule” button in the upper right corner. It will be added to your list.

Hover the schedule and three hidden buttons will appear: “Manage”, “Clone”, “Remove”. In the managing mode you can choose on which days should your emails be sent and according to which time frames. You can move the time frames, make it short or long, clone and have 2, 3, 4-time frames in a single day. Also, we recommend choosing your default time zone for the particular schedule. Just scroll down while managing the schedule and you will see “Advanced Settings”. After you finished – save your changes by pressing “Save” in the upper right corner.

If you want this schedule to be set by default – turn it on while managing or on the main list of schedules.