If you have a different email account, find out which SMTP and IMAP settings uses your email provider. You need hosts, ports and secure protocols. Usually, this information can be found in the settings of your email account. If not, please contact your email account administrator or support for the detailed info.

By default, the most common ports and security protocols are:

  • SMTP Server (Outgoing Messages): secure protocol TLS – port 587, secure protocol SSL – port 465.

  • IMAP Server (Incoming Messages): secure protocol TLS – port 143, secure protocol SSL – port 993.

But the hosts are unique for each email provider. Try to look up like “{email provider name} SMTP IMAP settings” and quite possibly you’ll find what you need.

After putting all data press “Check” button near the “Save” button to be sure that all settings are fine. If something is wrong – you will see the red explanatory message at the top. Try to fix the error and check settings again. At the end, you should receive a green message that all settings are fine. Then click “Save”.

If you still face a problem with connecting an email account – contact us via chat inside the app or email support@remail.io.