If you have email accounts in Zoho, use this link for the SMTP and IMAP settings: https://www.zoho.eu/mail/help/imap-access.html

Usually, our clients connect with these settings:

SMTP Settings

Host: smtp.zoho.eu or smtp.zoho.com

Port: 587

Enable SSL: yes

IMAP Settings

Host: imappro.zoho.eu or imappro.zoho.com

Port: 993

Enable SSL: yes

Then press “Check” button near the “Save” button to be sure that all settings are right. If something is wrong – you will see the red explanatory message at the top. Try to fix the error and check settings again. At the end, you should receive a green message that all settings are fine. Then click “Save”.

IMPORTANT: If you can’t connect your account – ensure that IMAP Access is enabled for your email address. Open your Zoho email client, go to Settings > Email forwarding and POP/IMAP, then in the “IMAP Access” choose “Enable”. Or contact your email administrator and ask to switch on this feature.

If you still face a problem with connecting an email account – contact us via chat inside the app or email support@remail.io.