If you have a Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook account – simply choose the appropriate in the Setup window and all settings will be added automatically. We will add SMTP and IMAP settings for these accounts for you, so you need to add only the email, password and sender name for the authentication.

Then press “Check” button near the “Save” button to be sure that all settings are right. If something is wrong – you will see the red explanatory message at the top. Try to fix the error and check settings again. At the end, you should receive a green message that all settings are fine. Then click “Save”.

IMPORTANT for YAHOO users: be sure that you allow third-party systems to send emails on your behalf. Log in to your Yahoo account, go to the Account Info > Account Security, scroll down, find “Allow apps that use a less secure sign in” and turn it off. Don’t worry, only apps that you give your login and password can send emails. We do not store your credentials, they need only for authentication and further sending from Remail.

If you still face a problem with connecting an email account – contact us via chat inside the app or email support@remail.io.