Create a new campaign here: Campaigns > +New Campaign. Carefully set up the settings because ones the campaign is launched – you can’t modify it (but can stop anytime). 

Give the name for your new campaign – click on it and the drop-down field will be shown.

Add the steps by clicking “+Add Step” button. Basically, you will add the emails in the sequence. Choose the email from your templates or predefined Remail templates. Use Variables (such as “First Name”, “Company Name” and your own) to make the email more personal – click on the “Insert Variables” while managing step. 

Send the test to yourself to “feel the mood” of the template – click on the little arrow from the right of “Save” button, the drop-down menu will be shown.


When done with correcting the texts and sending test emails – click “Save”, and we will go further

You can add as many steps as you want. Usually, we recommend to set up 3-7 follow-ups after the main email. Set up the delay between each email in days by clicking on the “Day…” button in the middle. 

When you’re done – click “Next” (or “Save” by the down-looking arrow near the “Next” button).

Choose a default schedule or create your own – click “+ New Schedule”. While configuring the new schedule choose the days and time gaps when you want your emails to be delivered. Move the setting “Set as default” to activate the schedule for the current campaign. Click “Save” in the upper right corner and then – “Next” button at the bottom to continue further.

Add contacts to your campaign by clicking “+ Add Contacts” button. Choose the appropriate ones from the “Add from existing” tab. Also, you can import new contacts here or create them manually, from the other tabs. And click “Next” when the contacts are ready.

Review and launch your campaign now: check one more time the emails that you are going to send, variables, contacts, and delays between the emails. Scroll down to set up the general settings of this campaign – enabling opens and links tracking, and sending on the holidays. If you are not sure what to choose – keep it as it is.

Now the last thing between you and the new answers to follow-ups – is the “Launch” button. Click it and the magic will start :)

Quick link for the campaign creation: 

Need help with this? Please contact us via chat at the bottom of the page or via email: