Hello, hunter for sales leads! 

Happy, that you’ve joined us and running Remail. In this Quick Guide we will help you to launch the first campaign in just 20 minutes. Go through the screenshots and links, and if you have any additional questions – feel free to ask in a live chat or via email support@remail.io.

Connect the email address from which you write to the prospects. You can connect Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook or any other email service. If you use Gmail – connect it via Gmail Single Click connection. 

In the “Sender Name” field type your name, that your customers and leads will recognize. It can be just name + last name, or name + last name + company, or else, that you feel will encourage to open your emails.

In the fields below you can find “Signature” – customize your signature here. Next box is “Opt-Out”, but do not set up an opt-out link for now (more about opt-out read here). 

Skip other fields (daily limit, delay…), we will tell about them later. Or simply read here more about email account settings.

After all click “Save”, and your email account is ready for sending!

Quick link to setup an email account: https://remail.io/EmailAccount

Need help with this? Please contact us via chat at the bottom of the page or via email: support@remail.io.